Repair Service

Flats. Nothing can ruin your day like a flat tire. It’s the most common repair we make. We know you’re anxious to get back riding and most of the time we can fix your flat while you wait. No big expense: tube usually $6. and $7 labor.

Tune-ups. Whether you ride every day or let your bike sit for months, every bike needs a periodic tune up to keep it running properly.

Our $60. Tune-up includes a complete wet wash with degreaser, adjustment of every moving part: brakes, gears, shifters, and lubrication.

Your bike will run better than new, and we can usually complete your tune-up in one day.

Repairs. Something really messed up? Need a replacement part or a part we don’t have in stock? No problem. We can order the parts you need and most often they are delivered the next day. We’ll get you back riding as soon as possible.

Costs. We’ll always give you an estimate before beginning any repair work.